Since implementation of our partnership in March 2019 we have brought in over 240 new employees

We cover all areas of the business including; Corporate, Commercial & Volume roles across Personal Lines, Shared Services inc Finance, Compliance / Governance, IT & HR. 

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  • At inception there were 37 live vacancies, 20 roles spread across Commercial and Personal Lines
  • Full-service offering including assessment centres on a weekly basis for Volume roles across Quoteline Direct PEV and onboarding services
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  • Onsite attendance by a specialist insurance recruiter
  • Offsite Specialist Insurance team and an Onboarding team
  • Social media campaign across multiple channels
  • Knowledge of Insurance market and networking to build a pipeline of talent
  • Re-engineering of recruitment and assessment processes
  • Learning and Development, training of line managers on effective interviewing technique
  • A redesign on the Personal Lines induction and training plan for new starters
  • Consulted and re-engineered the Bollington workforce strategy
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  • Average time to hire in volume roles 9 days, specialist 35 days
  • Critical hires to include executive search
  • Average 10 Candidates hired per month
  • Outstanding interview to offer conversation
  • Exceptional offer to start ratio
  • Cost savings year 1 - £250k


Our MBA team - Nik & Liam are not an extension of my team – in my eyes, they are my team.

I often have to remind myself – and our stakeholders - that they actually aren’t!

Our MBA team get us. They get our business, they get our stakeholders, they get our recruitment landscape and they bring their expertise to this. This has been invaluable in helping us to define and implement our recruitment strategy and makes for a powerful combination that supports me, my team and the business.

For our rapidly growing organisation the RPO model delivers. It makes total business sense. The financials add up, the KPIs are agreed and reported on and the flexible resourcing model we have access to means we’re able to meet even the most demanding recruitment requirements without compromising on quality.

Nik & Liam have become trusted partners to out recruiting managers our trainers and our new recruits and as such, they are not just ‘recruiters’ they are also enablers, communicators, coaches, problem solvers, advocates and confidents all of which adds unquantifiable value to the Matt Burton proposition.