Hiring for 'Cultural Fit'

BY Scott Millward   |  

Tricky one this and everyone seems to have a different interpretation of 'cultural fit'.

So I Scott Millward recruitment marketing person has decided to lay it out for you.

So let's dive into it...

1.  It's not about who you'd like to go for drink with on a Friday night.

Hiring your pals isn't it...


As much as I'd love to go for a couple cold ones with Charlie Sheen after work on a Friday, I'm not so sure he'd be the best person to work with.

We'd probably get no work done and Friday night would turn into Tuesday mornings frequenting the local Wetherspoons.

Not what you need when your trying to be a creative chap like myself...

2.  It's not about all looking the same or 'trying too'.

Hiring an army of clones who all look the same, dress the same and talk the same in reality is a pretty awful idea.

How would anyone bring new quirky ideas like putting disco lights in the toilets, if we just spent our morning meetings arguing over what shade of blue all our suits were that day.

Having a team of individuals who can contribute to a shared goal sounds better to me.

3.  It's not what time you 'clock off' or how you work.

Thinking about 'cultural fit' as a means of quantifying who is willing to work 80 hrs a week to build that stationary company selling red pens to insurance businesses doesn't sound so great.

Surely you want people to work flexibly in order to give their best to the role rather than just compete on who can sit at their desk the longest... like some big adult game of heads down thumbs up.

So here comes what hiring for 'cultural fit' actually means

'Employees beliefs and behaviours are in alignment with their employers core values and company culture.'

That doesn't mean you can't all be your weird and wonderful selves.

Important this bit.

It's about being one big dysfunctional family!

There you have it my thoughts on how to hire for 'cultural fit'.

It was pretty brief, but hopefully it answered some of your questions around what this terminology means...

If it didn't well we've all wasted our morning then haven't we.

So if you'd like to find out how we can help with this sticky subject, drop me a DM and we'll have a chat.


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