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We are delighted that Ben Heath has joined the MBA team as our Automotive Business Development Manager.


Ben’s wealth of knowledge is key to expanding our Automotive Division at MBA across the U.K. Ben will work with our current Automotive Team to drive further growth in this constantly evolving industry and assist clients/candidates in their journey to success.


So, we decided to sit down with Ben to learn a bit more about him...


1. Tell us about yourself?

I have over 12 years of experience in the automotive industry, mostly working in sales and management roles. I strive to enjoy everything that I do and pride myself on being an outgoing and forward-thinking person that enjoys a challenge. I am very sport orientated, so coaching, golfing, and scouting take up a lot of my spare time. I have two amazing boys, that I would do anything for; Jaxon and Leo, who are also sport mad. I grew up in Ireland, so am happy to enjoy a pint or two at the weekend after a game of golf.


2. What is your biggest career achievement to date?

In the motor industry, I covered nearly every role available in sales and over the years I’ve learned a lot. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every role, but if I had to choose which brought me to my biggest career accomplishment, it would have to be opening the brand new Audi site at Llandudno Junction as it was a beautiful site with unbelievable facilities.


3. What were you doing prior to your start at MBA?

Prior to my start at MBA, I was a Development Business Manager for Audi.


4. Why did you join MBA?

The opportunity became available, and I knew the company would allow me to achieve my vision for the automotive industry. The industry needs to change the fact that staff turnover is at an all-time high. I have the ideas and contacts to achieve my ultimate goal and MBA offers me the tools to ensure I succeed. 


5. How long have you been working in the automotive industry?

I have been working in this industry for the last 12 years.


6. What are the current difficulties within the automotive industry?

There are a few problems that I want to focus on initially, including, stock, hours, management and processes.


7. What are the current opportunities within the automotive industry?

There are many opportunities available at present that my team and I will be working to fill correctly and in a timely manner. 


8. What does success look like in your role?

Successfully placing an employee with an employer in a case where all parties are happy and understand what is expected from each other to make it work monthly and yearly. 


& That concludes our Q & A with Ben, our Automotive Business Development Manager.


For more information regarding opportunities in the Automotive space, contact Ben directly:


Thank you for joining us!

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