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We're excited to announce Mike North has joined our team as Business Development Manager in Fintech!

Mike’s extensive international experience, with a track record of successfully delivering TA Op's, BD projects and assignments for clients, globally, within the highly regulated FinTech environment is a key appointment as MB Group continue to expand. Ben will work with our Fintech team to drive further growth in this sector.

So, we did a Q & A with Mike & here’s more about him and his thoughts on the ever-changing fintech industry...


1. Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Stockport, but have lived in Leeds for over 20 years, with stints overseas. I have over 15 years in recruitment, including RPO, embedded, retained, and occasionally contingent. I started out in engineering then spent the last 9 years in technology engineering. I am a dad to two wonderful girls. Lastly, I need to say it... Rugby over football!


2. What is your biggest career achievement to date?

In my first full year I won ‘Best Newcomer’ but actually surviving and moving through the industry in various guises is probably an achievement in itself. Each move was carefully considered to fill my own skillset gaps. During that time I was able to bring on one of the Big 4 as a key client, and networked through the UK into BeNeLux, DACH, France, Scandinavia, Nordics and across Eastern Europe.


3. What were you doing prior to your start at MBA?

I was setting up a Tech team cold desk. Clients, candidates, mentoring, training and developing the team. Talent Acquisition Operations and Business Development strategy across Europe, North Americas and Far East/APAC.


4. Why did you join MBA?

MB Group had been on my radar for a couple of years. I was looking for a perm role within a business that shared my own beliefs in an area of FinTech that needed developing from an RPO perspective. MBA were perfectly aligned and I buy into people, so it was a natural fit.


5. How long have you been working in the fintech industry?

Since late 2012.


6. What are the current difficulties within the fintech industry?

Unscrupulous recruiters promising underqualified individuals over-inflated salary expectations, coupled with a massive boom in the tech industry in general has left some of the more archaic Tech organisations floundering.


7. What are the current opportunities within the fintech industry?

Endless. As 1 example of many, I have a client looking to bring offshore capabilities back onshore after 4 years. Initially, they are looking at hiring 41 before February 2022 and to ramp that up to between 120 and 130 by December 2022. Digital, Crypto & Blockchain, AI & BI, the list goes on and on.


8. What does success look like in your role?

A portfolio of new clients taken through Seed to Start-up, to the conclusion of initial growth strategy, with a solid RPO and relationship in place.



& That concludes our Q & A with Mike, our Fintech Business Development Manager.


For more information regarding opportunities in the Fintech space, contact Mike directly:


Thank you for joining us!


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