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On to the final stage of our Six Stages to Success:

Stage 6:

The service doesn’t stop


After a candidate accepts the position, our PEV team is hard at work as they have an extensive pre-employment vetting process. Our team is responsible for carrying out a variety of checks that can differ based on the placement of the candidate, as different companies have different requirements in regards to checks for their employees.


The Pre-Employment Vetting Process:

First, our PEV team receive an email from the client's HR team or the MBA consultant advising on the candidate's information so the candidate can be sent the appropriate information and forms to fill out, along with a congratulatory email on their new role. Once the candidate completes the forms a member of our team will call them to run through the information, confirm details, talk through the process going forward, and set expectations as well as answer any questions.


Secondly, the appropriate employment checks are carried out. These checks can include any or all of the following (depending on the client's requirements):

  • Credit checks
  • DBS check (Disclosure & Barring Services) / Criminal Record Check
  • Directorship Check
  • ID Check
  • HEDD
  • Hire Right Check
  • 2-5 Years of Employment History

Throughout this entire process, contact is maintained with the candidate, HR, and the consultant.


We still do not stop, even after all the checks are completed and the candidate has started the new role... This is because we like to keep in contact with all of the candidates that we place, which means that we are constantly checking in with the candidates after they’ve started. We usually do the first check within 1-4 weeks after they've started their new role.

We check in to ensure:

  • Everything is running smoothly for the candidate.
  • Nothing has changed from their perspective and that they're happy in their new role - If anything has changed for the candidate, we give them advice on how to deal with that particular situation.
  • The job their doing is what was sold to them during the interview process- this is very important to us, we want to make sure the candidate had a clear indication of what the position entailed and their expectations aligned with the reality of the role.
  • They’re being trained accordingly.
  • There is no issue in regards to their hours.
  • We also like to check in with the candidates after they’re due to receive their first payment from the client, this is to make sure that everything was correct in that regard.


We do these check-ins because it is important that both the client and candidate are happy at the end of the day. Ultimately, we want the client to be happy with the person we place and we want the person we place to be happy with the company they're at, as recruitment is a two-way process.


AND that concludes our six stages to success-


Stage 1 - Discovery

Stage 2 - Proposal

Stage 3 - Binate Implementation

Stage 4(a) -  The MBA Way: Candidate Journey

Stage 4(b) - The MBA Way: Client Edition

Stage 5 - Offer/Post-Offer Management


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