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The MBA Hiring Health Check.


We want to work with clients that have a real desire to develop as an employer.

But, that takes hard work and dedication… (and that’s where we come in)


It’s more than simply finding a CV and quickly filling a role.

For us, it’s all about understanding exactly what our clients are looking for outside of the usual skills, we review everything from culture fit to long term career goals.


We understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, so we make sure to uniquely assess each client and through this acquire data that we can continually review to ensure best practice for the business we’re working with – including but not limited to:

  • Hiring patterns

  • Spend

  • Frequency of offers

  • Attrition


Our drive is to come to the table with SOLUTIONS to the current ‘problem areas’ which differ across the board – this can include attrition, cost, volume, difficulty, and time.


Most Importantly, we don’t “sell” a solution right off the bat. We give our clients options tailored to their specific business objectives and explain the best way forward with an open mind.


We truly believe transparency is the best policy! We pride ourselves on this- so we’ll tell you right away if a flexible RPO isn’t the best course of action for your business and give you advice as to the best solution. We not only value our time but yours as well.


We put so much effort into this initial discovery phase because The MBA Way is truly doing Whatever It Takes and ensuring we get it right… the first time.


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