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Stage 1 – Discovery


MBA brings you the very best in recruitment process outsourcing. We are committed to delivering flexible RPO, tailored to individual requirements. After discovering what it is our clients are looking for, we move onto our proposal stage.


MBA bring our expert leadership team together to build a full proposal for prospective clients that want to proceed after the initial discovery phase.


This is a custom-built document with in-depth investigation and solution building for all client challenges. We go through each aspect of implementation, the recruitment process, and our added value solutions in great detail. It is important to note that this looks different for every client, as we uniquely assess each business and tailor our proposals accordingly.


Overall, this document is put together to clarify what MBA will do for your business. We further explain how we will do all the heavy lifting and bring our own tools to work to benefit your business!


At this stage, we are able to determine exactly what it is that needs to be accomplished for us and our clients to SUCCEED and from there will do Whatever It Takes.


Importantly: we provide each client with OPTIONS – not only for the service we deliver but the pricing too! 


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