Stage 4(a): THE MBA WAY - Candidate Edition

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On to stage 4 of our Six Stages to Success:

The MBA Way – Our Recruitment Process (part one): The Candidate Journey

Did you know, before a candidate attends an interview the MBA team will have spent between 1 – 2 hours with that candidate?

This is because our recruitment process is built around qualification and commitment. It’s something we are very proud of and creates huge time savings for our clients.


So how exactly does this process work?


1. Sourcing

We use a mixture of our own database, cv sourcing techniques, network connections and strictly written adverts to encourage organic applications.

Alongside our client-dedicated UK Recruitment Teams, we have a team of 20 strong offshore Recruiters dedicated to sourcing the best candidates in the marketplace.


2. Qualifying & Initial Call

Our teams call every candidate that may be suitable for any position, we qualify the candidate first of all with the “hygiene” requirements, including reasons for leaving, aims and ideas, personal motivations, and many more.

This allows us to assess the candidate versus the role and the same in return – we are rather firm that the match must be great on both sides!


3. Screening Call

This is the first real commitment test, we book a secondary call with every candidate to talk to them more about the role and duties and to understand the nuances in the role they are currently completing.

The call lasts a good half an hour and allows both sides to have the full picture. At this point, we also pre-close the candidates on their expectations.


4. Preparation Call

Pre Interview we speak to every candidate again, we discuss the interviewers, their techniques and confirm all logistics. We don’t give the candidates the answers, they have to excel through their own ability – we just make sure they have considered every direction an interview can take!

At this point, we also do our best to take care of those last-minute nerves... well most of them. Some nervousness is good as it means there’s a desire for the position.


5. Post Interview

Post-interview we get the candidates feedback first, before we or anyone else is biased by the hiring managers response.


6. Feedback

No matter the outcome, we give every candidate a full feedback conversation. Here we discuss the good and bad of the interview and give the decision from the business.

If the outcome isn’t the one we wanted, we will give them some guidance into what else they can do next time.



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