Stage 4(b): THE MBA WAY- Client Edition

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Stage 4 of our Six Stages to Success, continued...

The MBA Way – Our Recruitment Process (part two): Client Communications


Our recruitment process has two sides:

On one side of the coin, we have our candidate journey – mentioned in our previous blog: The Candidate Journey

On the flip side, we have our Client Communications.


We work extremely closely with our clients to ensure the service levels are nothing short of excellent. Although our process is intensive, it actually reduces time to hire, increases offer acceptances and contributes to lower attrition.

But how do we do what we do?

We are big on transparency, so we’ve outlined just how we achieve all of the things aforementioned, and ensure all of our clients are getting the service we are known for.


Client Briefing Call

MBA complete a briefing call with the direct hiring manager for every role we receive.

This allows us to understand the nuances of each position, even if we recruited for this position before (which we likely have) but, in all honesty- we can recruit the same role numerous times, and each time there can be a different requirement based on the current team, improved training, or even just wanting to try something new.

This imperative part of the process also allows us to build relationships with the hiring manager community and set expectations.


Update Calls

During the sourcing phase, things tend to get a little quieter. However, we like to remember that although we are recruiting day in and day out, our clients aren’t. A week for us speaking to candidates isn’t a very long time, but a week for the client… who is likely understaffed... is!

We appreciate that some hiring managers would like regular touchpoints during this time, these are added to the diary, just so we can share figures and explain what the current market is looking like.


CV Sourcing and Submission

On average, we speak to 25 people for every role that we fill. We are committed to not only finding the best candidate but finding the perfect fit for our client.

Candidates are more than just a CV, so the ones that look good on paper we call to learn more about, at this point we can make an informed decision on which candidates would be most suitable with our clients. We aim to give a selection of 4-5 candidates for our clients to review. However, as our relationship with clients grows, this number can go down to 2 or 3 candidates that all get an interview.

Upon submission, we call the hiring manager to talk through the profiles we’ve sent over and the conversations we’ve had with each person.

Finally, we book the chosen candidates for an interview.


Interview Feedback

MBA are a huge advocate for open and honest feedback.

Following the interviews, we talk through each one and in some instances give our opinions to help the client reach their final decision. We also ensure to discuss any negatives, so that we can contact the candidate with some real feedback as to why they were unsuccessful in this instance, so they can identify what they need to improve on, as simply saying ‘someone with more experience got the role” isn’t going to help them in the future.


No Candidates? What’s Next?

In some cases, finding candidates can be difficult, especially in the current times where demand is so high. It is a big part of recruitment, but we won’t give up. Here’s how we face tough markets:

If we are struggling in a competitive marketplace we rely on data. We analyse what is holding candidates back, this could be a number of things including, salary, location, hours, benefits or qualifications. Evidence is so important, so we also provide real market data to our clients to work on the best resolution. Our mantra is "whatever it takes" and we pride ourselves on sticking to that- meaning regardless of the challenges we face, we will keep going.



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