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On to stage 5 of our Six Stages to Success - Offer & Post Offer Management


We have a 98% offer acceptance rate & as you can imagine, that number doesn’t come out of nowhere…


Our Engagement

We have engaged so heavily with our candidates at this point of the process that we already know prior to the point of offer if they would be willing to accept, or at least what challenges we need to overcome with the candidate or client before they do.


This is because we are constantly in contact with the candidates through the process, as a duty of care to both client and candidate, reaffirming salary expectations, whether anything has changed with their situation, if they’re interviewing elsewhere, or even if they’re likely to receive a counter-offer at their current place of employment. We want this process to be as smooth as possible for both candidates and clients, which is why we get as much information as possible and keep in constant communication.


What if the candidate does change their mind?

People changing their minds is an inevitable part of life, with recruitment being no exception. If this is the case, we do a bit of a fact-find to see what’s changed for the candidate. This is why it is so important to manage the candidate and maintain constant communication throughout the entire process, to understand what the candidate is going through and keep up to date, so we know ahead of time if something like this is likely to happen. Ultimately, we understand and respect people’s decisions to take other routes and therefore, we continue to work with the client to find the right person for the position. It’s always good to continue contact with other suitable candidates as you never know when you may need them.


What happens after the final interview?

We speak to the candidate about their interview and how they feel it went, as well as check what the candidate’s response to a potential offer would be, try to pre-close and understand their decision-making process. If the interview feedback from the candidate is positive our next step is to chase the client to receive feedback from them on their perception of the interview and essentially their overall thoughts on the candidate. This is also a good time to fill in any gaps from the candidates de-brief, as they may have missed an important point that they’re still keen to get across.


Does the work stop after an offer has been made and accepted?

No - we have a Post-Offer Management process. We continue to work with both the client and the candidate to ensure everyone involved is set up for success. First, we confirm that the process for onboarding is running smoothly. Then, we check in with our candidates to ensure they’ve received their contract, signed it, and know what is happening on day one. This is all done to guarantee that everything goes as efficiently as possible for both the client and the candidate.


& Our service doesn't stop after the candidate has started, but more on that next week...




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