About Us


The mindset and attitude of the MBA team can be summed up in our mantra: "whatever it takes."

We immerse ourselves with our clients, gaining a deep understanding of their culture, strategic agenda, and recruitment challenges. With unwavering focus, we support them as their dedicated recruitment partner, ensuring their success.

We treat candidates with utmost care and consideration, understanding the impact they have on our clients' success. Driven by data analysis, we continuously improve and deliver exceptional outcomes.

With a focus on innovation, we explore cutting-edge technologies and techniques, propelling our clients to unparalleled industry success. Our visionary mindset allows us to see the recruitment world in new ways and create innovative solutions, as we constantly push the traditional boundaries. Together, we exceed expectations, empower our clients, and shape a brighter future in the recruitment industry.

Experience the innovative insights of our CEO & Founder, Matt Burton, as he shares his perspective on delivering on our promises and shaping the future for MBA and our valued clients.

MBA- Your Recruitment Partner for Unconventional Talent Solutions

We pride ourselves on combining a management consulting mindset with unconventional talent solutions to provide you with the best recruitment experience. Our team of expert recruitment consultants are well-versed in proposition development, campaign design, talent mapping, and psychometric testing, ensuring that we provide agile and cost-effective solutions for every industry. We instil confidence throughout the recruitment process with our award-winning MSP, RPO, and transparently priced contingency solutions. Trust us as your recruitment partner to not only find you the best talent but also provide the extra support you need to overcome any recruitment challenges.

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MBA was made by, and is run by, entrepreneurs. 

  • Our foundation is built on the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our growth and success.
  • Our entrepreneurial mindset drives us to seek creative resolutions that give us a competitive edge.
  • We go beyond just understanding our client's concerns and insights. We translate them into tailored solutions that surpass their expectations.
  • We believe in encouraging our people to achieve results and drive engagement in their own way.
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Clients benefit from our agility as we can meet their recruitment demands more effectively than traditional recruitment agencies. 

  • Agility and adaptability are at the heart of our approach, enabling us to meet your changing needs with ease and efficiency.
  • We embrace change and harness its power to your advantage.
  • Meeting project deadlines and staying within budget are non-negotiables for us.
  • We know that strong relationships are constructed on trust and communication.
  • We're not content with simply meeting expectations; we're committed to exceeding them. That's why we proactively evaluate our performance and seek out ways to improve our effectiveness.
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Disruption Leads to Innovative Solutions

  • Our business thrives on challenging the status quo and constantly seeking innovative approaches.
  • Our unique approach to attracting top talent sets us apart from traditional recruiting agencies.
  • We prioritise digital innovation to deliver fast and efficient results to our clients.
  • By embracing disruption, we remain agile and can quickly respond to new ideas and propositions. This way, we ensure that our clients always stay ahead of the curve.


Frustration with the lack of client value.

Frustration with the transactional nature of recruitment.

Frustration with the mercenary lens our industry looks through.

With close to two decades of being the go-to recruitment service provider, we have a clear understanding of our purpose and vision for customer success.


At MBA, we believe in investing time and effort in getting to know our candidates before their interview. Our recruitment process is designed to provide a thorough and supportive experience from sourcing to placement and beyond.

We start by strategically sourcing candidates through our extensive database, CV-sourcing techniques, network connections, and targeted adverts.

Each candidate goes through a qualification and assessment process, which includes screening calls, where we evaluate their qualifications, motivations, and suitability for the role. And most importantly, we handle all the necessary reference checks as required by the business.

We also provide comprehensive interview preparation support to candidates, ensuring they are fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in their interviews. We focus on merit based recruitment, to ensure unbiased approach to hiring.

We engage in check-in calls with candidates before, during, and after their placements to ensure continuous communication.

Regardless of the outcome, we provide candidates with comprehensive feedback and guidance for their future endeavours.


Rooted in a collective commitment to minimising our environmental impact, we've undertaken significant steps towards sustainability. Following rigorous assessments, including EcoVadis evaluations and a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis conducted with Sustainable Business Services, we've gained valuable insights into our operations. Our data reveals a carbon footprint of 100.3 tonnes of CO2 emitted from April 2022 to April 2023, equivalent to 76.2 round-trip flights from London to New York. This assessment, spanning Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions, underscores our holistic approach to sustainability. Armed with these insights, we're actively pursuing strategies to reduce our emissions, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources and re-evaluating business travel practices.

We're setting measurable goals aligned with industry standards, committing to the United Nations Race to Zero and aligning our approach to the Science Based Target Initiative. Our dedication to transparency ensures accountability as we strive for a more sustainable future. Moving forward, we remain resolute in our commitment to ongoing research, evaluation, and continuous improvement, ensuring our actions leave a positive legacy for generations to come.