Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why work for MBA?

MBA provides a mature and autonomous working culture that facilitates creativity & individuality.

Working alongside specialist recruiters helps aid development, knowledge, and career progression.

We have a fantastic client base that works in a collaborative, honest and transparent way.


2. What is the screening and selection process like?

The screening process is dependent on the job role and the level of experience you have.

Trainee Recruiter screening is based on experience and non-technical skills such as drive, ambition, work ethic, culture fit etc. The screening process for these roles starts with an initial telephone call with a Delivery Team Leader or Manager, which is more of an ice breaker in order to gauge interest from both parties. If there’s a mutual agreement to move forward, the next stage would be a virtual or physical interview with a Delivery Manager and one of the Senior Leadership Team, the format of which depends on time and location. This is a more detailed run-through of your experience, looking specifically for transferable skills and experience. It’s also a chance for you to interview us too.

Experienced Recruitment Consultants will be measured not only on their behavioural traits but also their success in previous roles. We don’t expect everyone to have worked in the same specialisms as we recruit for, so we try to be as accommodating as possible. Again, this would start with an initial telephone call, which is a shallow dive into your previous work as a recruiter, but again a chance to gauge interest from both parties. The next stage would involve a physical interview with Delivery Managers, Senior Leaders and, in some cases, our CEO, Matt himself.

Our values are important to us so it’s great to see these from the candidates that apply.

If successful after this stage, we would call the candidate to offer and if accepted arrange a start date. Then, HR will issue an email to the candidate including compliance documents along with the contract.

We would keep in regular contact with the candidate up until the start date.


3. What training can I expect?

Training is structured to give you the best chance of success, at a pace that suits your learning style. For the first week, you’ll have a structured plan where you get to find out about your new colleagues, clients and MBA as a business. More specific training is done on a one-to-one basis and is structured to take you through each stage of the recruitment process. You’ll get a chance to shadow some of your new colleagues and listen to how they go about their day. You’ll then be involved in screening candidates starting with CV assessments, initial calls moving then onto screening and preparation calls which all (hopefully) end with a call to make an offer to a candidate.


4. How does MBA measure performance?

MBA measures the consultant’s performance based on an output target and a financial billing target. The consultant will work to a process set by the client/department to work to fill the positions. At the end of the month, the manager of the department will review their team’s output. This is something that is discussed in one to one and a group team meeting to review where each job vacancy is up to. There are also monthly reviews to evaluate the results.


 5. How will MBA develop me?

MBA is a well-rounded organisation with experience at all levels. Whether it’s your first job in recruitment or you have experience already, there is always more to learn from individuals in the business. 

A recruitment business is nothing without investment, and that’s why MBA has invested in some of the best tools available to recruiters. Whether it’s growing your network, expanding your search or simply gaining a better understanding of your sector – MBA is well equipped to make sure you have all the tools necessary to excel in your role.

At MBA you are pushed daily to work outside of your comfort zone, enabling skills you didn’t even know you had to shine through.

The sky really is the limit in terms of career progression with carefully formulated plans drawn up with each individual to make sure both short- and long-term goals are reached.


6. What is the company culture like?

MBA has always viewed itself as a Trusted Innovator within Talent Solutions for our Clients that dedicates itself to transforming their business.  All our employees buy into the values of wanting to make a difference for themselves and for the people that we place in their care.  In turn, MBA understands the value of looking after its employees in their personal and professional goals.  Being a relatively small company, there is a closeness and a bond between the employees at the social level – many of us participate in a range of activities and team sports outside of the office.  There is a unique togetherness and desire to succeed for ourselves, our company and our clients.


7. What makes MBA special compared to every other recruitment business?

The first difference with MBA is that we are not a recruitment agency. MBA is a completely client-centric recruitment business, we work with a small number of large clients and manage either all or a whole section of their recruitment.

Doing business this way means that every process is custom-built around our clients. For our team, that means our recruiters are either dedicated to an account or dedicated to a market niche supporting multiple clients.

The key difference is that our teams aren’t required to sell and bring on new business (though there are rewards for doing so), our team are focused on delivery to our clients, not just candidates but an end-to-end recruitment service.

It’s really important that people who want to join us are passionate about doing recruitment properly and using the tools given to them! Even as a starting point, each consultant is paired with one of our offshore resourcers who source CV’s.

We want our consultants consulting with candidates, not searching for CV’s all day. 

MBA is also growing quickly; we have an excellent client base and work with some great companies who just want to become better – those relationships are the most special thing we have.