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BY Nicole Sopkovich   |  

At MBA, we believe a fruitful partnership is always built on trust, open communication, and a commitment to working together to address each other’s unique needs and concerns. This applies to our relationships with both clients and partnered suppliers.

Corroborating this, a few key members of the MB Group leadership team recently travelled to Ahmedabad, India, for their relationship-building visit to IMS People Possible and IMS nHance - our offshore recruitment and marketing services partners, respectively. These key members from MB Group and IMS are leading from the front - they are the catalysts for both businesses’ progress, and their strategic thinking has helped catapult both MBA and Irlam Associates to new heights.

Let’s take a look at what they thought about this special visit…


Adam Bevan

Group Solutions Director, MB Group

  1. Purpose of visiting India
    The last time I visited our team in Ahmedabad, we only had 3 colleagues, and at that time, made the decision for a soft reboot of the partnership. Due to continued success, we have now grown the team 10-fold to over 30 consultants, split across 3 brands, and 2 divisions - so, a trip was long overdue.

    The driving force behind the visit was to get to know our teams, assess what more we can do to develop them, and build stronger relationships to ensure further success. Having recently launched our marketing and candidate vetting functions in India too, it was an ideal time to visit.

  2. Brief on MB Group

    MB Group is the parent company to multiple recruitment brands, each operating in a specialist space, be it RPP (Recruitment Process Partnership), logistics and aviation, or MedTech. A huge piece of our talent generation model is the client-centric approach. Our UK teams are responsible for having high-level conversations with clients and candidates to understandthe recruitment market, guide hiring decisions, and ultimately find the most suitable talent for each vacancy - whilst maintaining the DNA of the businesses we represent.

  3. Thoughts on the time spent working together with the IMS team in India. What worked well?

    Although the results from the visit aligned with the goals, it wasn’t as one-dimensional as anticipated. I was very surprised by how forthcoming everyone was, and how easy it was for us to explore the world of recruitment! This visit to see our team in Ahmedabad was a total refresh for me (and hopefully everyone there). We got to know our people on a more intimate level, understood what made them tick, and were also able to cater to their career goals and professional interests. It was very informal - meaning the actions were organic. We have returned to the UK with suitcases full of ideas, change, and potential!

  4. Overall experience of visiting India

    I loved it. My last visit was at the very beginning of Covid-19, so, the whole experience was tainted by hand sanitisers and uncertainty. Everyone we met wanted to show us something, or share something about their culture. Many of the team members fed us, and although nervous for my meal-deal-loving digestive system, it was all delicious. We experienced the chai (tea) on the street, and excellent restaurants (one so good, we went twice), but most importantly, enjoyed the conversations with some amazing people.

The only thing I couldn’t get my head around was how to cross the street!


Nathan Daniels

Operations Manager, MBA

  1. Purpose of visiting India

    Having worked with IMS People Possible for a number of years, we have witnessed their growth and their commitment to the UK recruitment teams, but only so far, on a remote basis. Despite the distance, our combined focus has always been on the candidate and client journey, and this visit had a number of goals. First and foremost, to personally thank our Indian colleagues for their support. Secondly, to see their operations first-hand, to identify how we can help their development, understand their goals, and further synergise our partnership.

  2. Brief on MBA

    Part of the MB Group, MBA offers specialist RPP services to companies who are looking to build, reformat, or complement their existing recruitment function. We offer a range of solutions, including (but not limited to) recruitment, onboarding, compliance, pre-employment vetting, and business consultancy. Build on a ‘whatever it takes’ mantra, we are experts in recruitment, and apply our tried and tested methods successfully across multiple industries.

  3. Thoughts on the time spent working together with the IMS team in India. What worked well?

    What an experience! I think we have achieved more in these 4 days than we could have done in a remote capacity. Though we had an agenda, we wanted to keep it as open and organic as possible, and in hindsight, it gave us so much more than we imagined that we came away with goals and objectives on a larger scale than we originally anticipated. Everyone was so kind and hospitable, both personally and professionally, and the insight, knowledge, and support I gained and witnessed were priceless.

  4. Overall experience of visiting India

         I don’t think there are enough superlatives to describe the experience, so I’ll go with ‘wow’! The culture, the people, and the environment (let’s not forget the food) are everything you expect, but completely different at the same time. To anyone looking for a business partner to support their growth, then IMS People Possible is definitely a company to look  into. But my two-pence will be to embrace their culture, adapt together, and see the operations in person.

Also, if you are looking for a good restaurant in Ahmedabad, please try the Bayleaf at the Courtyard by Marriott… whilst wearing joggers.


Nicole Sopkovich

Marketing Manager, MBA

  1. Purpose of visiting India

    A marketing department wouldn’t function successfully without collaboration, communication, cooperation, and consistency. The marketing partnership with MBA and IMS nHance is quite new, so the purpose of this trip was to integrate the team, discover how we are going to continue to work together going forward to ensure we reach all the goals we have put in place, and to outline the significance of the partnership. My main objectives were to ensure we were working as efficiently as possible, review performances to date, discuss future targets, and discuss any suggestions or challenges.

  2. Thoughts on the time spent working together with the IMS team in India. What worked well?

    The trip was so successful due to how easy it was to work together with the team in India! Through the time spent together, in person, we were able to truly integrate the team as one. We have moved away from the ‘client’ or even ‘partnership’ feel of the relationship, and now, have become what feels like a part of the same team with the same goal. We are now working together in a way that suits everyone to ensure we are all aligned with the same vision in place.
    For me, getting to know the team on a more professional and personal basis was important. It was great to get an understanding of how the team there worked together to get projects completed. The marketing function is truly ‘nHanced’ because of this team, and this trip positively reassured the decision that was made to work together. Everyone is great at what they do, and it was wonderful to see that first-hand.

  3. Overall experience of visiting India

        Incredible! I went away from this visit feeling so strongly about the positive impact the team will have on the marketing function at MBA. In my experience, aside from the work aspect of the visit, it was amazing to understand the culture; we got to wear traditional dress for a day, and enjoy traditional cuisines. The people were so welcoming and hospitable that they truly made me feel right at home. I have to mention the food (again!) because I don’t think I’ll ever get over how good it was. Not an over exaggeration when I say it was the best food I’ve ever had! 


Joe Makinson

Service Delivery Manager, Irlam Associates

  1. Purpose of visiting India

    The purpose of my visit to India was to strengthen the relationship with our offshore team, and explore ways to improve our partnership to ensure further success across all divisions in the business. Irlam Associates’ relationship with IMS People Possible is relatively new, and it’s safe to say we needed to fully understand the potential - the best way to do so is first hand.
  2. Brief on Irlam Associates

       With a strong background in aviation and logistics, and expansion during 2022 in various other related industries, Irlam Associates offer a tailored approach to the specific recruitment needs of our clients. We work closely with them to understand their unique requirements, and to develop a customised recruitment strategy. We provide end-to-end        recruitment solutions, from candidate sourcing and selection to onboarding, referencing, and support.

Thoughts on the time spent working together with the IMS team in India. What worked well?

I must say that my trip was an absolute success. It was an invaluable opportunity to meet with our team, and to get a first-hand look at their operations. I was impressed by their dedication, ability, and enthusiasm for their work, and the partnership we are creating. I was also pleased to see how well they integrated into our overall recruitment process, and how they could contribute to our success moving forward. My aim was to understand the potential of having an offshore partner, which I can say was achieved.

What was your overall experience of visiting India?

In summary, my visit to India was an extremely positive experience. I came away with a renewed appreciation for the important role our offshore team plays in our recruitment services, and I am confident that our continued collaboration will lead to even greater success in the future.

 Moving forward, I believe that our partnership with the offshore recruitment team will continue to be an asset for the business and our clients. I look forward to building on the progress we made during my visit, and working together to achieve our shared goals.

 I’m really excited to make visits to Ahmedabad a regular thing, and next time I am determined to ride in a Tuk Tuk.



Kruti Patel

AVP, IMS nHance 

Brief on IMS nHance

IMS nHance is an offshore marketing solutions brand that provides cost-effective and tailor-made services to boost the client’s marketing performance and brand presence. With an experience of 17+ years in the recruitment industry, IMS nHance prides itself on its unique ability to identify and understand the needs and processes to attract the right talent. We support recruitment agencies with enticing brand presence and outreach that helps them create their own candidate pool and attract potential clients. We function as an extension of the client’s Marketing team, by enhancing their marketing operations and efficiency.

Thoughts on the time spent working together with the MBA - UK team. What worked well?

  • Clear communication: I find effective communication to be the foundation of successful teamwork. Both Nicole and Adam have been encouraging, open, and honest with their communication, setting expectations, and ensuring everyone understands and absorbs the marketing roadmap that has been defined for 2023.
  • Cultural awareness: This might not have a direct impact on the team’s performance, however, cultural differences can impact how team members perceive, communicate, and work together. With the team visiting India, we could create a team culture where each other’s cultural differences, such as differences in work style, approach, and humour, helped build trust and improve collaboration.
  • Defined roles and responsibilities: Defining individual roles and responsibilities can help avoid confusion and conflicts over task ownership. Knowing what each team member is responsible for, what they are expected to deliver, and how their work fits into the bigger picture helped ensure everyone is working on the same roadmap.
  • Celebrating achievements: Positive reinforcements and appreciations go a long way. Nicole celebrated team achievements, recognised individual and collective contributions, and provided & accepted feedback to and from the team. These acknowledgements fostered a sense of accomplishment with the India team, which has fuelled them to perform better in the future.

All in all, I have two words that describe my experience from the MBA - UK team’s visit here: We are now ‘Being Team’!


Pratik Kansara

Operations Manager, IMS People Possible

  1. Brief on IMS People Possible

    IMS People Possible is an offshore recruitment services company, helping 200+ recruitment brands across the UK, US, EU, and APAC regions with an extensive range of tailored services. Being a recruitment specialist for 17+ years, our 3,000+ strong workforce helps recruitment companies to efficiently increase their fill rates, strengthen customer loyalty, lower internal costs, and enhance profitability.
  2. Thoughts on the time spent working together with the MBA - UK team. What worked well?

It’s been many years since I have been working with MBA, and I have really enjoyed every minute of it. From the start, I found the UK team so supportive - they all knew the value of effective communication, and that’s what makes us a successful team. For the team in India, it’s a great opportunity to work with a team offshore that helps us to learn and collaborate with people who have different skills, perspectives, and expertise. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to work with a beautiful team from another part of the world, who is extremely supportive of us. I feel so proud to see the dream team we have built, where everyone is happy, and has a wonderful experience.

The perseverance to stay invested, the strong will we have for our work, and the trust we have in each other - these are the key things that have worked. Together, we have built a relationship so strong that we can communicate with all honesty and full transparency. It’s the support from the UK team that’s making it work smoothly - we know any challenge will be actioned on a real-time basis.

What an opportunity it was for the team to visit India to meet the IMS team, and build a lasting relationship. We have definitely strengthened the bond, and set a strong foundation for long-term success!



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