Future of Tech Recruitment - 2022


Essentially, the most basic change and probably the most fundamental in the recruitment industry is a shift in the balance of power. 


It was beginning to be apparent in Tech recruitment prior to Covid, but with successive lockdowns and WFH becoming standard practice has meant that the client no longer holds all the cards. For years I have been saying to clients that it is their job to sell the company to the prospective candidate, as much as it has been our responsibility to sell the opportunity.


Hiring Managers and HR professionals that sit in an interview and ask: “so tell me why you want this job”  have probably already lost the candidate. The reality is that they have been headhunted specifically for their skill set and are currently already in a permanent role. The days of receiving dozens or sometimes hundreds of applications are long gone. It is the clients' responsibility to persuade the candidate, not the other way round.


Even junior Tech candidates know what they are worth now. There’s not enough of them to go around and that trend is true of all levels of seniority, disciplines and skillsets.


They want freedom and flexibility over full-time contracts. They want autonomy and expect work/life balance over huge compensation packages (although the industry is also experiencing hyper-inflated salaries for under-qualified individuals). Employee experience is paramount, get it wrong and Glassdoor will crucify you. If you want to attract new talent, candidate experience is paramount too.


Remote working works.

Especially when you’re not dealing with tangible products. If you want the best Technology focussed individuals in your business, don’t presume you can force them into an office when they’ll pick up the same phone and laptop they would if they worked from a home office. You’ll lose them before you even get them through the door.



Because dozens of other prospective employers are offering the work-life balance that you’re not and then it becomes an issue of trust. If you don’t trust them to work remotely, they won’t engage with you.


Work-life balance, options and trust.  

↳ The 6 words that determine who you attract to your business over the next 12 months.



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