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The events unfolding in Ukraine are devastating, and we believe it is important to speak out against this violence. We want to provide people with options on ways they can help by donating to charities that are directly providing lifesaving aid. We as a company are doing what we can, but this isn’t about us – this is about as many people as possible coming together to do what they can to help support those affected.


Below is a list of charities regulated by The Charity Commission that are providing necessary support to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine:


The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

Donate to all of those affected by the crisis:

By donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, you'll help DEC charities provide food, water, shelter, and healthcare to all of those affected by the humanitarian crisis.

The UK government has committed to matching pound for pound of public donations, up to £25 million. The government will essentially double the impact of public donations, which will ensure that DEC charities working on the ground can deliver vital aid [source].

The DEC is made up of 15 member charities. Each member is an expert in humanitarian aid and specialises in different areas of disaster response.



Donate to children and families in need:

UNICEF focuses on helping children and their families by sending emergency supplies, clean water, food, and learning kits, as well as mental health support to children. They are working round the clock to help children in danger.



Donate to refugees that have had to flee the country

UNHCR support can help ensure that families forced to flee Ukraine are sheltered and safe. UNHCR is providing protection and humanitarian assistance, including emergency shelters, repairs for homes damaged by shelling, and emergency cash assistance.


The World Health Organisation

Donate to life-saving medical support:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is raising funds to deliver urgent healthcare, medicines, and medical supplies to people across Ukraine and to refugees in neighbouring countries.


The British Red Cross

Donate to all those in urgent need: 

The British Red Cross has committed to supporting those in Ukraine as well as helping with their teams in neighbouring countries to provide accommodation, food, water, and other aid items to refugees. (Member of the DEC)



Donate to help people with the essentials: 

Oxfam is raising funds to provide lifesaving aid to those in Ukraine and those having to flee the country. They help people with the essentials, such as access to food, water, and clothing as well as help people stay healthy by providing necessary hygiene equipment. (Member of the DEC)


Save the Children

Donate to children and families: 

Save the Children helps children and families in need by providing lifesaving aid by distributing essential supplies, providing financial assistance, and offering mental health support.



All of these organisations are dedicated to helping those affected by the crisis in Ukraine, with our help and support they will be able to carry out their important work. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this, and we hope that together we can all make a difference.


Please note: when donating to any cause ensure the charity is regulated by The Charity Commission, so you know your donation is safe along with your financial details. (



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