Nathan Daniels, Promoted to Operations Manager

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Nathan DanielsMBA have appointed Nathan Daniels as our Operations Manager to head the Manchester and Chester offices. 


Nathan started his MBA journey back in 2016 as a Recruitment Consultant and has recently been promoted to Operations Manager across our Chester and Manchester offices. Prior to Recruitment, Nathan worked in the insurance industry trying out a number of different sales roles whilst trying to identify what his ideal career path looked like.


Recruitment wasn’t a career he had considered until he stepped into MBA to interview for a Recruitment Consultant role and it was MBA as a company, their culture, and their people that he immediately bought into. After a successful start, he realised that this was the career path he could see himself following long-term.


Back to the beginning, Nathan started off as a Recruitment Consultant, which was the fulfilment of live vacancies for insurance-based clients, for which, the skills and experience from his previous role were well utilised.


The training was structured but very much on-the-job, starting with CV assessment, matching suitable candidate CVs against job descriptions, discussing with the Lead Consultant, advancing to side-by-side candidate calls moving quickly to end-to-end process ownership. This structure is still in place today, but more streamlined through continuous improvement and advancements in technology. Now, our new Recruitment Consultants are more autonomous at an earlier stage, whilst still being carefully monitored to ensure a duty of care for the client and candidate.


Nathan has always been a vital member of our ever-growing team. His ‘Whatever It Takes’ attitude and journey to date (below) have made that very apparent:

Nathans Journey

Now, Nathan has taken on the role of Operations Manager which covers all roles outside of IT & Change. Effectively, managing every non-IT role that MBA are working for all clients, as well as the monthly forecast and the management of Delivery Leaders across our Manchester and Chester sites ensuring a thorough approach to filling every role.


His duties are essential to the operating of our overall recruitment team and include but are not limited to:


  • Regular catch-ups with every Delivery Leader, which entails a role-by-role run-through and update. This is also a time to identify any challenges to build solutions and mitigate any financial risk.
  • Updates with Account Directors on a weekly basis, this is to discuss any client-specific changes and do another role-by-role update to see where support is required to present recommendations to our clients.
  • Meet with the Senior Leadership team to discuss the forecast, people, job flow, and clients.
  • Senior Level / Complex Recruitment


Nathan is a key appointment for this role as he lives and breathes recruitment and gets great joy out of other people’s success while also being very process-driven and comprehensive in his approach.


He is always trying to encourage people to go above and beyond their role and give every task the respect it deserves. Having been in this role himself, he understands the high pressure involved and the effort needed deserves reward.


He also firmly believes in the ‘flat structure’ so all his colleagues know his door is always open for any questions or concerns. He truly is approachable to everyone in the office and is happy to make his fair share of brews.


We'd like to thank Nathan for his continued support of the business and congratulate him on this well-deserved promotion! 

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