What To Do Pre-Interview: MBA's prep list

BY Nicole Sopkovich   |  

We’ve all been there…

The pre interview nerves.


Since we specialise in recruitment… we know a thing or two about interviewing.

So, we complied a Pre-Interview Prep List - to help you feel as prepared as possible.


1. Research the Company –

This goes beyond just casually looking over the website. If you really want to make a good impression, do your research. Know the basics: the company’s mission, values, and industry. Put the extra effort in; read blog content, reviews on Glassdoor, the companies LinkedIn profile – & while you’re at it look at your interviewers’ profiles as well. This may seem like a lot, but in hindsight the extra effort will go a long way.


2. Research the Role –

Confirm the role is right for you. Look over the job requirements and ensure you can elaborate on how you match the skill set the company is looking for when you’re interviewing.


3. Read the Job Description –

Don’t have one? ASK. Review the duties and requirements. Note where your experience is relevant and where you will need to develop – it is okay to require support in certain aspects of a new role. It’s important to acknowledge that self-awareness is a strong behavioural trait to have.


4. Skills Match –

So, you’re reviewing the role? Good Start! Now it’s time to understand where your strengths lie, & focus on the value you could add. Think about the previous experience or knowledge you’ve gained that could correlate to the skills this role would require.


5. Ask for Interview Format –

Where possible ask your recruiter/HR for the interview format – this will allow you to understand the structure and ultimately best prepare for your interview.


6. Be Punctual –

We know this was a lot easier when all meetings were via Zoom… However, now that people are back in the office, they’re likely to want to meet in person for certain phases of the interview process. To ensure you are on time, plan your journey ahead of time and account for traffic or public transport delays.


7. Dress to Impress –

Overdressed is better than underdressed… first impressions do go a long way.


& Remember it’s normal to be nervous, especially when it’s a job you REALLY want (it means you care).

So, focus on putting your best foot forward by taking the time to prepare.


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