The changing face of the contractor market


Just a quick one Howard.

Surely it must be easier to fill roles with more contractors now on the market due to Covid?

Well in short no, no it’s not.


You see with more applications for contractor vacanies this increases the length of the screening process.

Where 6 months ago we would look at 50 contractors now it could 100 for example.

So we have a duty of care to review all candidates to ensure we are putting the best contractors forward for the roles and also see if individuals might be suited to some of our other opportunities.

In turn this can lead to contractors now potentially looking more heavily at permanent roles with non-business critical projects being parked for the time being and the impending doom of IR35 going live next year.

Covid has potentially sped up the behaviour of the contractor market with an ever changing landscape with legislation changes coming thick and fast.

The market isn’t now better or worse it’s just different and we all need to adapt.

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