Why Targeted Recruitment is Your Secret Weapon!

BY Nicole Sopkovich   |  

Imagine You're building yourself a team of talented individuals, but instead of finding those unique individuals, you're stuck with cardboard cutouts. The struggle is real, right? Recruiting the right talent, especially for those ultra-specific and super-important roles, feels like searching a needle in a haystack.

But what if we say? There's a secret weapon in the fight for top talent: Targeted recruitment. Think of it as a big-scale magnet, attracting the perfect candidate with pinpoint precision.

So brace yourself because we're about to reveal a tactic that will change the game. We will uncover why the competition for top talent is fierce, how traditional methods are like finding a needle in a haystack, and how targeted recruitment becomes your talent magnet.  


Let us talk about the biggest elephant in the room, shall we? We all know the struggle of finding the perfect candidate, that perfect fit, but for some roles, it’s like finding the same needle, but blindfolded.

These are the hard-to-find roles: the ones with super-specific skill sets, the ones where the best candidates are happily employed elsewhere, and the ones where competition is fierce.

The old traditional methods like blasting job descriptions on every platform might work for some roles, but for these very niche roles? They are more likely to get lost in the haystack.

We’re not saying it’s impossible. You might get lucky, but what are the chances of it?


Targeted Recruitment.

Remember those “hard-to-fill roles?” yeah, well, those can be handled easily through targeted recruitment due to its strategic approach. A strong, powerful magnet that attracts all those specific hard-to-find candidates easily.

So, how does this magic work? Well, let us break it down for you:

Again, imagine searching for a needle in a haystack... but instead of blindly poking around, you have a magnet! That's the power of creating a "candidate persona" - it helps you target the right talent with laser focus, not just hope and luck.

Essentially, targeted recruitment lets you comb the haystack with a specialised magnet where your ideal candidate is hiding.


Instead of blasting generic job postings everywhere, you strategically choose channels that your dream candidate frequents, such as industry forums, niche social media groups, or targeted ads on relevant platforms.

Crafting a compelling job description is like writing a captivating treasure map! Don't just list tasks and requirements. Weave a story that showcases your company culture, unique perks, and why this role is the golden ticket. Make your ideal candidate want to embark on the adventure of joining your team!

Don't just leave the map lying around and wait for someone to stumble upon it! Actively engage with potential candidates, answer their questions, and show genuine interest. It's like building a bridge between you and your future candidates – you need to create a connection that draws them in.

Using these targeted methods, you'll attract qualified candidates who are a perfect fit for your needs. You'll save time, money, and frustration and unlock the secret to having a talent pool magnetised with your ideal candidates!    

Traditional recruitment can throw you into a haystack wearing a blindfold, leaving you searching through countless CVs with little chance of uncovering a true gem. But there is no reason to worry about that anymore! With targeted recruitment, you become equipped with a powerful magnet that helps you zero in on the precise location of the valuable talent you seek.

Key elements:

This strategic approach isn’t just about covering more ground- it’s about pinpointing the hidden resources waiting to be discovered. Here’s what lies in store with targeted recruitment:

  • Strike the jackpot with savings and efficiency!

Instead of combing through endless CVs, you will hone in on qualified candidates, minimising wasted time and resources. Imagine bypassing the entire haystack and going straight to the needle.

  • Discover hidden gems and leave mediocrity behind!

You increase your chances of finding the rarest talents by targeting the right spots. No more sifting through the stack and finding nothing but hay! You will find the exceptional talent you have been looking for.

  • Save time with targeted recruitment!

Creating a pipeline of ideal candidates allows you to fill crucial positions swiftly, resulting in less downtime and quicker business growth. Think of it as skipping the long line and reaching the destination instantly!


Build a shimmering employer brand that attracts the most elite!

Targeting your recruitment efforts demonstrates your appreciation for specific skills and expertise. This exceptional approach paints your company as a desirable treasure, attracting the best and brightest talent to your company.


In today’s market, finding the right person for the job can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, doesn’t it? With so many candidates out there! How do you ensure that you are attracting the perfect fit for your team? That’s where a targeted recruitment strategy comes in. It’s the key to sifting through the haystack and unearthing the gems you need to succeed.

But simply having a strategy isn’t enough. You need to take action! Contact MBA today, and we will help you get started on this!

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