MBA's Best In Class Recruitment Workshop


MBA partnered with an award-winning fleet management business to deliver their 'Best in Class Recruitment' Workshop across multiple locations in the UK.

The purpose of the workshop was to give hiring managers an in-depth understanding of what best-in-class recruitment looks like. In order to achieve this, MBA worked alongside this business to develop and structure the training plan from conception to completion. The training was delivered over a 6-week period to all hiring managers across their garage network and head office operations. MBA's Nik Gardner, Account Director, showcased MBA's working partnership and the challenges in the current job market while also being involved with active discussions throughout the workshops. 



  • There are challenges within the UK market, unemployment is at an all-time low while the skill gap is at an all-time high.
  • There is a need to create a training platform due to market challenges to align all hiring managers, this focused on educating the business on how difficult the market currently is and importantly how we can make it easier with the tools, techniques, and knowledge MBA provide.
  • Ensure hiring managers understand MBA's depth and capability, which includes everything from the selection process to post-start communication.
  • Ensure best practices by hiring managers, including but not limited to understanding interviewing processes, response times and candidate profiling.
  • The need to develop an interactive workshop to provoke engagement and ideas to demonstrate how we work together to attract talent by including group exercise throughout each workshop.



  • Amplify the partnership by meeting face-to-face and delivering the training sessions.
  • Nik promoted MBA as a true partner to set the scene within the workshop environment which encouraged people to be honest, transparent, curious and creative and allowed everyone to collaborate by sharing ideas, personal experiences and challenges.
  • We created alternative attraction methods for the team to trial and test new ways to engage with the candidate market.
  • Promoted a shift in mindset about how CV's are interpreted away from the negative judgment to find a positive reason to progress a candidate.
  • Data-driven approach utilised to solution build on everything from positioning, speed and efficiency during the process, awareness of challenges outside of the industry, and successful onboarding of new starters.
  • Provided clarity on the business relationship to demonstrate true partnership and teamwork.



  • Delivered an interactive and engaging training program.
  • Meeting each team in person gave us a true partnership feel and integrated the team beyond a traditional client relationship, further exemplifying that MBA is a true partner, not an agency.
  • Agreed on realistic timeframes that have shown demonstrable improvement in process, pace and results for feedback and offers.
  • Formed an action plan encompassing all effective strategies to attract talent.
  • 96% of participants have confirmed to have a better understanding of the partnership.



"I've worked with Nik, Emma, and the team at MBA over the last year on some key projects. One of which is the Recruitment Training for all people managers. This was a unique working project as it was a true collaboration with our recruitment partner, MBA, in which all experts in our field - L&D, HR, and Recruitment all came together to build an insightful, informative, and engaging training session, which has been both impactful and delivered great results. 

The team at MBA have really committed themselves as part of this roadshow, not just for providing valuable data and insight to current recruitment market challenges, but also being a key part of the delivery of the training and giving the verbatim commentary that was a crucial part of the messaging. It's been a great opportunity working with MBA and I'm looking forward to working with them again in future."

- Head of Learning and Development

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