Back to the Business...or not?

BY Nicole Sopkovich   |  

The Work-From-Home Debate:

As Covid regulations have started to ease, we have seen many people return to the offices. However, some are deciding that it is best for them to continue to work from home (WFH)...

There has been an inevitable shift in the way things are done due to the unprecedented pandemic. Now, there's a debate as to whether companies should cut pay for those that continue to work from home. We decided to join this conversation since we work in recruitment and know a thing or two about what employees are looking for.

It's relevant to acknowledge that now more than ever we have seen that adjusting the work environment does not affect performance. It may have taken some time, initially to get used to, but with the way that technology has developed, people can work from home (or anywhere for that matter) with ease. If this pandemic has taught businesses anything – it is that employees can be productive and focused when working from home. Companies were forced to mandate the work from home policy, so they had no other choice but to give their employees the tools required to do work remotely– now employees have come to the realisation that they can efficiently work from anywhere that is coinvent for them. This allows for less time commuting and ultimately a better work-life balance.


Does WFH = Salary Cut?

So, the pressing question arises... does this mean companies should cut salaries for those that continue to WFH?

Our brutally honest opinion – NO.

"Why not? they will save money from not commuting or eating lunch out" 

It is clear that work can be done remotely with the output of work staying consistent with the output in the office and at the end of the day, that is what is important. People pay their employees for the work they produce. Not to mention, working from home has its own costs associated with it (e.g., higher energy costs).

This doesn’t mean that those that decide to WFH have it any easier either, but it does mean that they can manage their work-life balance differently and in a way that is suitable for them.


What does MBA say?

At MBA, we encourage our clients to allow their team to have some flexibility where possible. Flexible working is being pragmatic, especially in this day and age where technology is constantly advancing.

Recruitment is at an all-time high at the moment, so it is important for us to encourage our clients to be flexible. Essentially, we don’t want to see the whole of the UK go backwards – allowing employees to look after themselves and the company in a way that suits them, we believe is the way forward. 

& Rightly so, if companies could continue to operate efficiently with their employees working remotely, why not let them continue to do so and pay them properly? 


#MBATipTuesday - flexible working IS the way forward.

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