Stage 4(a): The MBA way- Candidate Edition

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The MBA Way: A Comprehensive and Engaging Recruitment Process

Did you know that our MBA team team invests a substantial amount of time in our candidate's, role dependent, it can be up to 2 hours, before the interview stage.

This extensive interaction is a testament to our commitment to a thorough recruitment process centred around qualification and dedication. We take immense pride in this approach, as it not only saves valuable time for our clients but also ensures a strong foundation for success.

Let's dive into the specifics of how this process actually works.


1. Sourcing

Finding the right candidates is a strategic blend of multiple approaches. We tap into our extensive database, employ clever CV-sourcing techniques, leverage our network connections, and craft compelling job advertisements to encourage organic applications. In addition to our dedicated UK Recruitment Teams who work closely with our clients, we have a skilled offshore team of 20 Recruiters solely focused on sourcing the absolute best talent in the market. It's a comprehensive effort that ensures we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence in offshore recruitment.

2. Qualifying & Initial Call

Our teams personally reach out to every candidate who shows potential for any position. We kick off the process by qualifying them based on essential factors like reasons for leaving previous roles, aspirations, ideas, personal motivations, and more. This meticulous approach enables us to evaluate how well the candidate aligns with the role and, equally importantly, how well the role aligns with the candidate. We firmly believe in finding a perfect match that satisfies both sides of the equation. After all, it's the synergy between the candidate and the role that creates exceptional outcomes!

3. Screening Call

To truly gauge a candidate's commitment, we put them through the first crucial test: a follow-up call where we dive deeper into the role and its responsibilities and explore the nuances of their current position. This comprehensive conversation typically lasts around half an hour, allowing both parties to gain a thorough understanding of one another. During this screening interview, we also take the opportunity to align expectations, ensuring we are on the same page moving forward. This meticulous approach ensures that we establish a strong foundation for a success.

4. Preparation Call

Before the interview, we have a conversation with every candidate to cover the interviewers, their techniques, and all logistical details. We aim to ensure candidates are well-prepared for any direction the interview may take. While we don't provide answers, we offer support for showcasing their own abilities. We understand that a certain level of nervousness can actually indicate genuine enthusiasm for the position.

5. Post Interview

After the interview, we prioritise obtaining feedback directly from the candidates before anyone else, including the hiring managers, to maintain an unbiased perspective. This approach ensures an unbiased perspective, allowing for a fair and thorough assessment of each candidate's performance.

6. Feedback

Irrespective of the outcome, we always provide each candidate with a comprehensive feedback conversation. During this discussion, we openly address both the positive and constructive aspects of their interview performance and convey the final decision from the business.

In cases where the result is not what they had hoped for, we also offer valuable guidance on areas for improvement and suggest steps they can take for future opportunities. We believe in the importance of employee feedback and strive to support candidates in their professional growth and development.


If you'd like to learn more about MBA or have any questions, do contact us. We're here to provide you with further information and answer any inquiries you may have about our strategic sourcing and recruitment process as your reliable recruitment partner.


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