Stage 4(b): The MBA Way- Client Edition

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Enhancing Client Communications and Selecting the Best Candidates

At MBA, the recruitment process is a two-sided coin. On one side, we embark on an exciting journey with our candidates, which was discussed in our previous stage, "The Candidate Journey." On the flip side, we make sure to align and execute our responsibilities with our clients to the fullest

Developing strong relationships with our clients is at the core of what we do. We believe in delivering nothing short of excellent service, and our collaborative approach ensures that we achieve outstanding results. Our thorough process is designed to streamline hiring, boost offer acceptance, and contribute to lower attrition rates.

Now, you may wonder how we accomplish all of this. Well, let us provide you with some insights.

We are big on transparency, so we've outlined just how we achieve success, including the best candidate selection, while ensuring all of our clients are getting the service we are known for.

Client Briefing Call:

Effective client communications lay the foundation for a successful partnership. That's why, for every role we receive, we complete a detailed briefing call with the direct hiring manager. Whether we've recruited for the position before or not, we understand that each hiring need is unique. By engaging in open and transparent conversations, we gain insights into the nuances of the role and set expectations for the recruitment process. Our client briefing calls not only build relationships but also ensure we truly understand our client's requirements.

Update Calls:

During the sourcing phase, maintaining clear client communication becomes crucial. While we're actively recruiting day in and day out, we recognise that our clients have their own responsibilities to manage. We appreciate that regular touchpoints are valuable, especially during periods when they may be understaffed. To strengthen our client communications, we schedule update calls to share figures and provide insights into the current market. By keeping our clients informed, we aim to foster a collaborative and informed recruitment process.

CV Sourcing and Submission:

Our offshore recruitment process is geared towards finding the perfect fit for our clients. On average, we speak to 25 candidates for each role we fill. It's not just about finding the best candidate on paper—it's about finding the ideal match for our client's specific requirements. After a thorough screening, we present our clients with a selection of 4-5 candidates to review. As our relationship grows and we gain a deeper understanding of our client's preferences, this number can decrease to 2 or 3 candidates, ensuring a focused and efficient interview process.

Upon submission, we engage in personalised client communications. We call the hiring manager to discuss the profiles we've sent and provide insights gained from our conversations with each candidate. This comprehensive approach strengthens our client communication and ensures that our clients have a clear understanding of the talent we're presenting. Finally, we facilitate the interview process, securing the opportunity for our clients to connect with the top talent they seek.

Interview Feedback:

At MBA, we believe in the power of open and honest feedback. After conducting interviews, we engage in detailed discussions with our clients. We provide our professional opinions to help them reach their final decision, keeping the lines of client communication strong and transparent. We also ensure to address any negatives, providing candidates with real feedback on why they may not have been successful. By offering constructive insights, we help candidates identify areas for improvement, fostering growth and development.

No Candidates? What's Next?

In today's competitive marketplace, finding candidates can sometimes be a challenge. However, we never back down. When faced with tough markets, we rely on data and strong communication. We analyse what factors may be hindering candidate engagement, such as salary, location, hours, benefits, or qualifications. By leveraging real market data, we work closely with our clients to find the best solutions. MBA's mantra is "whatever it takes," and we pride ourselves on persevering through challenges, driven by our commitment to deliver excellent service.

At MBA, our Client Edition of "The MBA Way" series emphasises the significance of client communication and selecting the best candidates. By prioritising open, transparent, and collaborative approaches, we foster strong relationships with our clients and ensure exceptional results. Through client briefing calls, regular update calls, thorough CV sourcing, personalised submission processes, comprehensive interview feedback, and a relentless dedication to finding solutions, we strive to exceed expectations as your recruitment partner.

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