Stage 5 - Offer/Post Offer Management

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On to stage 5 of our Six Stages to Success - Offer & Post Offer Management

Achieving a remarkable 98% offer acceptance rate is no small feat. It's an indication of our dedication and expertise in the recruitment process.

Our Unwavering Commitment

Throughout the hiring journey, we prioritise deep engagement with our candidates, allowing us to gauge their potential acceptance even before extending an offer. This level of involvement enables us to identify any potential challenges that may need to be addressed with the candidate or client.

We maintain constant communication with candidates as part of our duty of care to both parties. We discuss and reaffirm salary expectations, keep tabs on any changes in their circumstances, inquire about other ongoing interviews, and even consider the likelihood of counter-offers from their current employers. Our objective is to ensure a seamless and efficient process for both candidates and clients, which is why we gather as much relevant information as possible and maintain continuous contact.

But what if a candidate changes their mind?

Change is an inevitable part of life, and the recruitment landscape is no exception. In the event that a candidate decides to explore other options, we conduct a thorough fact-finding exercise to understand the underlying reasons for their decision. This highlights the importance of effective candidate management and consistent communication throughout the entire process. By staying attuned to their needs and remaining up-to-date, we can anticipate and address potential changes in a proactive manner. We respect and appreciate individuals' decisions to take different paths, and we collaborate closely with the client to identify the perfect candidate for the position. Additionally, We also maintain connections with other suitable candidates, recognising the value of a robust talent network.

What happens after the final interview?

Following the candidate’s interview, we dive into their thoughts and impressions, probing their potential response to an offer and seeking to understand their decision-making process. If the candidate provides positive feedback, our next step is to gather the client’s perspective on the interview and their overall impressions of the candidate. This provides an opportunity to address any gaps or important points that may have been missed during the interview process.

Does our work end once an offer has been accepted?

Absolutely not! Our dedication extends beyond the offer stage with our comprehensive candidate care programme. We continue collaborating with both the client and the candidate to ensure a seamless onboarding experience. We confirm that the onboarding process is progressing smoothly and staying in touch with our candidates to ensure they have received and signed their contracts, as well as clarify any details regarding their first day.

Our commitment as a recruitment partner is to facilitate a successful transition for all parties involved.

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