Stage 6 - The Service Doesn't Stop

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On to the final stage of our Six Stages to Success:

The service doesn't stop…

Continuing our commitment to exceptional service, our dedication doesn't waver even after a candidate has accepted a position. At this stage, our onboarding team steps in to meticulously conduct a comprehensive vetting process. We understand that each placement is unique, with different businesses having distinct requirements for their employees, so our team customises the background checks accordingly.

The Pre-Employment Vetting Process:

The Pre-Employment Vetting Process commences when our onboarding team receives an email from the client's HR team or the MBA consultant, providing us with the candidate's information. Subsequently, we promptly send the candidate the necessary forms and information via email, accompanied by a warm congratulatory message on their new role. Once the candidate completes the forms, a member of our team initiates a phone call. During this call, we meticulously review the information provided, verify details, outline the upcoming process, and set expectations. We also offer a platform for candidates to seek clarification by addressing any queries they may have.

Following the initial contact, we proceed to conduct the appropriate employment checks. Depending on the client's requirements, these checks may encompass a range of assessments, including credit checks, DBS checks (Disclosure & Barring Services) or Criminal Record Checks, reference checks, directorship checks, ID verification, HEDD, Hire Right Checks, and scrutiny of the candidate's 2-5 years of employment history. Throughout this entire process, we maintain regular communication with the candidate, as well as the HR team and consultant involved.

However, our commitment does not conclude with the completion of the vetting process and the candidate's commencement in their new role. We firmly believe in nurturing long-term relationships and, therefore, make a point to stay in touch with all candidates we place. To ensure their smooth transition, we conduct the first check-in within 1-4 weeks after they have started their new position.

During these check-ins, we ascertain several crucial aspects:

  1. Candidate Satisfaction: We ensure that everything is running smoothly for the candidate. If any changes have occurred from their perspective or any challenges have emerged, we offer advice on how to manage those situations effectively.

  2. Role Alignment: We confirm that the job they are performing aligns with what was communicated during the interview process. It is of paramount significance to us that the candidate clearly understands the position's responsibilities and that their expectations coincide with the reality of the role.

  3. Training and Development: We inquire whether the candidate is receiving the necessary training and support required for their role, ensuring their growth and success within the business.

  4. Work Hours: We address any concerns regarding their working hours and ensure that there are no issues that might affect their work-life balance.

Additionally, we make it a point to check in with candidates after receiving their first payment from the client. This allows us to verify that all financial aspects were accurately handled and that the candidate's compensation aligns with the agreed terms.

We conduct these check-ins because the satisfaction of both our clients and candidates is paramount. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that the client is delighted with the candidate we have placed and, reciprocally, that the candidate is content in their new company. Recognising that recruitment is a mutually beneficial process, we prioritise fostering lasting relationships founded on trust and satisfaction.

Ready to experience exceptional recruitment service and support throughout the entire recruitment process? Contact us today and discover how our Pre-Employment Vetting (PEV) team goes above and beyond to ensure both client and candidate satisfaction.

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