Stage 3: Binate Implementation

BY Nicole Sopkovich   |  

Creating a Seamless and Productive Partnership

At MBA, we believe in building a seamless and productive partnership right from the start, while focusing on delivering key benefits such as cost-saving, time-saving, increased efficiency, and improved quality of hires.

To achieve this, we adopt a dual workstream approach that combines the best of both worlds:

1. BUSINESS AS USUAL (BAU): As your exclusive recruitment partner, MBA takes charge of your recruitment needs, providing tailored recruitment services that drive results. This means we dive headfirst into understanding your organisation's intricacies, immersing ourselves in your industry, and engaging directly with your hiring managers. But we don't stop there. We hit the ground running by swiftly filling some of your open positions, delivering immediate value while simultaneously building our knowledge base.

Being your exclusive recruitment partner means we can leverage our expertise as recruitment consultants to deliver exceptional services. We work closely with you to identify your unique requirements, including your benefits, employee value proposition (EVP), and success stories. By doing so, we ensure that our recruitment services align seamlessly with your organisation's goals, ultimately leading to improved quality of hires.

2. RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO): While we diligently handle the "Business as Usual" workstream, behind the scenes, MBA collaborates closely with your key stakeholders to implement a tailored recruitment process that maximises your talent acquisition outsourcing efforts. Our RPO model ensures staffing outsourcing that is efficient and effective, enabling you to achieve your hiring objectives with ease.

As your trusted recruitment partner, we understand the value of recruitment outsourcing and talent acquisition outsourcing. By assuming responsibility for all new roles from a specific date, we ensure a smooth transition and provide recruitment services that deliver exceptional results.

Launching a managed recruitment team may seem like a daunting task, one that requires extensive education across your organisation. It's a challenge that many clients initially view as too large to tackle.

However, when the time comes, the most frequently asked question arises: "Can you get started straight away?"

And the answer is a resounding YES!

What makes our service implementation truly exceptional is its organic nature. There's no abrupt "switch on" date that disrupts your business operations. Instead, we ensure a seamless transition, minimising any potential interruptions and establishing a solid foundation for future success. This approach to recruitment services ensures that you experience the benefits of working with a dedicated recruitment partner while maximising the advantages of recruitment process outsourcing.

If you're excited to learn more about our services and how we can support your recruitment needs, reach out to us. Contact MBA today to embark on a successful partnership filled with seamless collaboration, exceptional talent acquisition, and exciting growth opportunities. Together, let's make the recruitment journey an engaging and productive one.

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