Kieron's MBA Journey

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KIERON CROSTHWAITEKieron started working for MBA in July of 2019, since then he has become a vital member of the team. Working throughout countless different sectors, he has showcased just how versatile he is at Recruitment. Kieron's MBA Journey exemplifies someone coming to MBA with previous recruitment experience in order to progress their career in the industry within a business founded on client integration.


We asked Kieron some questions about his experience working for MBA...


& here is what he had to say:


What were you doing prior to your start at MBA?

Prior to MBA I was working as a 360 Recruitment position, focussing on various sectors such as Insurance, Legal, Finance and any kind of contact centre role.


Why'd you decide to join MBA?

I decided to join MBA to focus more on the delivery aspect of the recruitment world and join a recruitment business that was founded on client integration. With the client base MBA had to offer originally and the new clients we have partnered with I am now able to fully focus on placing candidates with excellent businesses.


What was your training process like?

My training process was a very positive one. I was working closely with the client managers and how their specific client wanted servicing, as no two clients are the same. It was essential to understand each client in detail to make sure the process ran smoothly and was as effective as it could be.


Can you describe your MBA journey?

My MBA journey has been a very enjoyable one, having come from a background where I was integrated within different sectors, I have been able to continue that within a number of exclusive clients that MBA work with. I have worked with some great clients within different sectors including Finance, Insurance, Sales, Contact Centre and Automotive. I have been able to work on jobs I didn’t even know a business had which has been very interesting.


What does your typical day as a Recruitment Consultant look like?

It is essential to be organised. I need to make sure I know what my focus is each day and try and stick to it (which doesn’t always happen) but doing this I feel you can maximise the time you have. I make sure I action all applications as quickly as I can, arrange call backs and make sure they are completed. A lot of my role consists of stakeholder management, understanding the hiring managers requirements and taking the candidate through a process and hopefully delivering a positive outcome.


What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is after a very detailed process, being able to offer the individual a position.


What is the worst part of your job?

The worst part of the job is that sometimes all the effort you put in can all amount to nothing. As our product is a human being, we can’t influence every scenario and what that person is really thinking. Its important to have a strong mentality to dust yourself off and go again and not letting it effect you.


What is the company and team culture like?

The company culture is great, everyone is extremely helpful no matter how simple or difficult something is. I have been trusted by a lot of my colleagues to take on some new work and this is a big confidence booster. One negative is there’s a few too many Liverpool and Man City fans.


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