Liam's MBA Journey

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Liam's unique journey is a great example of someone that had previous experience in the recruitment industry, then came to MBA to really progress their career.


Liam started as a recruitment consultant and has now progressed to Delivery Lead over the past 3 years. Our delivery leads are accountable to our clients for their area’s performance, this not only includes theirs and their teams’ placements, but it also includes reporting, innovation and building recruitment solutions for each client.


We'll let him tell you the rest...


What were you doing prior to your start at MBA?

Having graduated I decided recruitment was a path I wanted to follow. I was originally working for another company part of Ignata, SJC as a 360 Finance Recruitment Consultant. 


Why did you decide to join MBA?

I decided to join MBA as I always felt their process and way of working was how recruitment should be done. In my previous role, I was doing 360 recruitment and knew I would rather work for an RPO company that allowed me to be embedded with a specific client and focus more on the candidate journey. I also wanted to work for a company that had clear progression opportunities. One other major factor was Adam Bevan as he showed me that was what MBA did (over a couple of pints!).


What was your training process like?

My training process was great, as I was taught by “Mr. Process” Harry Moores, who engraved the MBA way into my brain from day one. As well as, Adam Bevan who helped guide me through the beginning of my journey with MBA and developed my skills as a recruitment consultant. 


Can you describe your MBA journey?

My MBA journey has been a whirlwind, as in the last 3 years I have learnt so much about recruitment but also my own capabilities. Starting as a recruitment consultant, onto a recruitment business partner embedded in a client and now as a delivery lead managing my own account. 


What does your typical day as a Delivery Lead look like?

A day in my life is hectic and often full of distractions. If you know me you know I like to get involved in every conversation. But usually, I will get the team up and running so they know their focus for the day, then I will get myself in order and often liaise with hiring managers about recruitment needs. Ideally, I spend some time speaking to candidates, especially for senior roles – wouldn’t want to lose my edge.


What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is helping my team achieve their targets whether this is through client relationships or just advice on how best to control the candidate. In jest, I coined the phrase 'changing lives one by one' – without being cheesy, it is something I actually believe.


What is the worst part of your job?

The worst part of my job is that our product can be unreliable -  people! I tend to get quite invested with every candidate, making it sometimes difficult to switch off. I still love it though, so it can’t be that bad.


What is the company and team culture like?

MBA is a great place to work, it has the perfect mix of fun and focus. The company is always looking at new ways to engage and reward its staff. The key part is that there is real progression available with reward to match, I am not doing the same job I was 3 years ago and I’m confident I will say the same in another 3 years.



We'd like to give a special thanks to Liam for sharing his journey within MBA with us!

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