MB Group's Question of the Quarter: Q2, 2022

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We have asked a leader from each company that makes up MB Group a question pertaining to the ever-changing recruitment industry.


We are seeing job vacancies at a record high across the globe, therefore this quarter's question focuses on the advice our experts would give to companies looking for staff at the moment. 


So, we asked:

We are seeing a tidal shift in the methods and speed new talent is being hired, what would be your biggest recommendation to businesses looking for staff at the moment?


Here is what our experts had to say:



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  Matt Burton

“There is no debate to be had about the vertigo-inducing trajectory that we are on when it comes to the recruitment levels. With almost 75% of employers signalling their intentions to hire, the ceiling isn’t in sight any time soon. A large majority will raise salaries and if this is in line with the cost of living crisis, then granted it is a necessary output, but this won’t fix the large proportion of hard-to-fill vacancies, caused by macroeconomic hazards.


My strong recommendation is incongruous with the role I have. Look internally; deliver on an internal mobility promise; if you haven’t got one, then invest quickly the time, energy and budget into having one and back it up with an agenda of a culture of continuous improvement. The shop doesn’t need the best-dressed shop window if you make the inside ultimately a place you don’t want to leave.


And whilst process and patience are key offensive mechanisms in the war on talent, pace (as long as underpinned by the other 2 p’s) is a must right now. Consistency and definition in the candidate journey alongside strong internal advocacy on the need for the right decisions at the right time will ultimately give you a competitive advantage. If you are shopping, you write a list, you choose the shop, you get the right-sized trolley and you choose the time to go to avoid the queues. Consider that against a landscape of people…”

-Matt Burton, CEO & Founder at MB Group




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NATHAN DANIELS“As there is so much competition for talent at present, if I had to choose one piece of advice it would be ‘make time’ – for looking through CVs, for interviews, for debriefs and feedback. The phrase ‘Whilst you are thinking about offering, your competitors have already offered’ has never been more true, especially in high volume recruitment.”

-Nathan Daniels, Operations Manager at Matt Burton Associates






ANDY BW“We are not seeing any new methods of attraction  - the majority of our clients are using search, limited adverts response and their own networks to fill roles across the US and Europe.

Candidates in the main still need approaching to make moves and 90% of our placements if not more) work a notice period.


Speed – I think candidates will and do always expect processes to be quick and at the level we work we can have 4/5 stages so the key to success is planning.


Advice  - If you are going to recruit any position, be set up to be effective, have momentum, make decisions, respond to communication and know what you are looking for. The best people go to the best business at recruiting NOT the best business. Be flexible on the budget for the right person and it’s a two-way street, yes you are assessing them but they are assessing you so be great.

The great resignation…. I’m yet to see it. Yes, people are moving, but they did in COVID. People’s expectations of flexible working and home working are higher than ever.”

-Andy Preston, CEO at VIDA Connected Specialists





Aaron BW"Businesses are hiring faster than ever. If there’s an immediate need for additional headcount, providing they fit the criteria you are looking for, you must move quickly. If you don’t, other businesses that have more clarity on the hires they need to make will beat you to the top talent in the market.  I do however not advocate rushing your recruitment process, especially in SMEs. You still want to ensure that the people you bring into the business fit the culture you are trying to curate and have the suitable skillset for the role. I recommend streamlining your recruitment process to understand what is/isn’t relevant to avoid any unnecessary delays in hiring."

-Aaron Bradley, Director at Irlam Associates




Austin Frye

Charlie Brown“Partner with the right recruiter who knows the talent movements in your market, who can either drive process and talent acquisition by becoming your ambassador in the sector for all appointments, or, if you have internal HR already, they would partner with your existing HR to evolve your own interview processes and visible footprint in the sector to ensure attraction and world-class onboarding of identified talent. Future-proof your business as the target of choice for the highly sought-after growth mindsets.


Also, future-proof your recruitment processes and your business as the target of choice for the top 10% through visibility, incentivisation and sustainable life challenge. Awareness is at an all-time high – be the target of that awareness and illustrate yourselves to be a champion of the future who recognises the needs, wants and personal vision of each candidate you wish to engage.”

 -Charlie Brown, Managing Director at Austin Frye




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Dan Chadwick"There are more jobs than there are people in tech at the moment. Partner with a specialist recruitment business on a long-term basis so they can fully understand and sell your business for you. There are some great rec-tech products too which can actually save money and decrease your time to hire. I’m seeing a trend in reducing down interview processes which I’d highly recommend as well as using a managed interview day to allow swift decision making”

 -Dan Chadwick, Managing Director at Massey ITP



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