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At MBA, we believe in complete transparency. Whether you’re a client looking to know a bit more about the team that helps your business grow, or if you are a candidate looking to get into the ever-changing world of recruitment and want some personal perspectives… 

We thought who better to tell you what MBA is truly like than those that have recently joined the business, so we spoke with some members of our constantly growing recruitment team that started between 6 months to 1 year ago. We’ve spoken with Chloe Grundy, Paulina Marcinkowska, and Ryan Edwards to get their point of view. 

Essentially, we wanted to know why they decided to go into the recruitment sector, what their training process was like and most importantly if they have any advice for those that are thinking about going into the industry.




Chloe Grundy Recruitment ConsultantWhy'd you decide to join MBA? 

I was referred by a friend to have an interview at MBA – during the interview I really felt like this would be the place for me, I was offered the job and the rest is history!


What was your training process like?

The training was very quick, we went through all the basics of recruitment, how to use certain systems and compliance – I was then on the phone in the first week. Honestly, with recruitment, you learn something new every single day.


Can you describe your first few months in the role?

My first few months at MBA seemed to go so fast. I learnt so much so quickly and really got my teeth stuck into recruitment from the start. I made my first calls within a week of being at MBA and made my 1st placement after only 9 days!


What does your typical day as a Recruitment Consultant look like?

A typical day for me; first things first I have to have a big coffee! I then go through all my ad responses that I have had overnight and begin calling through them – Then send any candidates who are perfect for the job through to the hiring managers. I go through my 'To-Do' list, book candidates in for interviews and keep on top of all my candidates who are due to start their new roles the following week.


What do you hope for in your future with MBA?

My long-term goal is that I hope to progress within MBA working my way up the ranks. My short-term goal is to keep learning from everyone around me and be the best recruiter I can be!


What is the best part of your job?

I am sure every recruiter says the same thing, but talking to great candidates and helping them through the recruitment process so that they can secure a new role has to be the best part of my job! I get excited to ring my candidate and tell them they have been successful after an interview.


What would be your advice for people looking to get into recruitment?

To at least try it! Recruitment isn’t for everyone, however, if you are organised, like talking to people and helping them, then like me, you will love working in recruitment.


Recruitment Consultant PaulinaWhy'd you decide to join MBA? 

I was looking to get myself into recruitment as I felt it would be a perfect fit for me as someone bubbly and sociable. With no prior experience, I was looking to start my journey with a company that offers clear internal progression opportunities as well as a great training programme and I found MBA offered exactly that.

The more research I did on the company, the more I realised they truly value their people and I felt MBA would be the perfect place to grow my roots.


What was your training process like?

My training was quite thorough and a lot to take in at first, but it helped me a lot moving forward. I started shadowing and listening in to calls, learning the job and what exactly it entails, before getting the confidence to start slowly. I was given a lot of support and advice from everyone around me which I think definitely shaped me into the recruiter I am today.


Can you describe your first few months in the role?

My first few months have definitely involved a lot of patience and determination but all that came with rewards. I started out just making some intro calls to candidates and in my first month, I was already filling jobs and hitting targets.


What does your typical day as a Recruitment Consultant look like?

Every day brings a different challenge and new opportunities to learn. My days and priorities change every day so it is key to stay organised.

I start my day with our daily team meeting just to discuss progress, challenges and fair distribution of workload. I will then move on to checking in with my candidates who are booked in for an interview that day. I will then spend the rest of the day prioritising roles to recruit for and approach new candidates.


What do you hope for in your future with MBA? 

What I hope for in the future is to keep growing not only personally but also professionally and I am really looking forward to doing so with the help of MBA.


What is the worst part of your job?

We all face daily challenges and disappointments that often are out of our control but staying positive and motivated is key.


What would be your advice for people looking to get into recruitment?

Just go for it, apply and try it! I wasn’t sure if recruitment was for me at first. I wasn’t sure if I would be good at it or enjoy it, however, it was the best decision I have ever made.




Recruitment Consultant RyanWhy'd you decide to join MBA?

I was ready for the next step in my career and I have some good friends in recruitment, who always spoke highly of the rewards and career development opportunities. After a number of interviews, I knew MBA was the role that best suited me, and I definitely made the right decision.


What was your training process like?

My first couple of weeks involved meeting the team, shadowing and call listening, and understanding the core values of MBA and its recruitment process. I debriefed at the end of every day with my manager to reflect on what I had learnt, to ensure that I was ready to hit the ground running.


Can you describe your first few months in the role?

I was made to feel really welcome by the team. I have been a part of the Rivus team since my first day, and was dealt the hand of recruiting technicians which by all means wasn’t the easiest role at MBA. But I stuck to it and managed to fill some tough roles, with my first placement coming within my first week.


What does your typical day as a Recruitment Consultant look like?

I have learnt in recruitment that no two days are the same, and organisation is essential. I set myself daily targets and check my diary for the day. This will usually involve calls with candidates, clients and arranged interviews. I will also reach out to candidates directly throughout the day.


What do you hope for in your future with MBA?

The key part for me joining MBA was the real progression available with rewards to match, and I am confident that I can achieve this.


What is the company and team culture like?

The team is very competitive & ambitious which drives results, but is also a fun environment to work in.


What would be your advice for people looking to get into recruitment?

If you are looking for a rewarding role with real progression available, then I would absolutely recommend a career in recruitment, especially here at MBA.



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