Recycling of Talent

BY Nicole Sopkovich   |  

To state the obvious, Recycling is a good thing!

But what about when companies do it? And no, we’re not talking about putting your paper into the correct bin. We’re talking about the recycling of talent…

This recycling of talent is creating a skills gap in the current job market where up-and-coming job seekers are getting refused for entry-level positions because companies want people who already have the experience.

The number of vacancies in the UK went from 608,000 in 2021 to 1,318,000 in 2022 however, the unemployment rate in the UK went from 4.1% To 3.8%. A steady decrease in the precent of people unemployed as the job market increases by 710,000 and is continuing to rise.

How can companies alleviate this progressing issue in the job market? Companies need to be willing to train people from the bottom up rather than look solely for people that have a wealth of experience already.

It is essential to find a candidate that has a good understanding of the role, however, we encourage companies to find a good culture fit and someone that is willing and eager to learn. The way the current job market is going, the gap is becoming bigger and bigger between entry-level and experienced staff – we are expecting other people to train our staff, and from there we take them.

The risk in this is that at some point, the same as fossil fuels – we are going to run out of talent!

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