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On to stage 3 of our Six Stages to Success - Binate Implementation


When we begin to work with a new client, we offer two workstreams: 

1. BUSINESS AS USUAL- MBA act as an exclusive supplier for you, this allows us to learn the nuances, speak with hiring managers, and begin to build up our knowledge base (whilst ticking off a few hires!) This will let your team begin to understand how an RPO works as well as the feel of working with a true recruitment partner. It also stops the interruption in services because your incumbent suppliers are still switched on whilst we get up to speed.


2. RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Behind the scenes, MBA are working with key stakeholders, creating systems, and building a new recruitment process - all heading towards a launch of your new recruitment team. We generally work in stages, so initially, MBA will begin taking all new roles from a certain date. This helps our resource planning and is in force to ensure that we do not become overwhelmed because overall, service delivery is key!

We work very closely with our clients; we need to acquire the essential information required to effectively hire like the benefits, EVP, success stories, etc. (we're not just talking about the basics, like job description and salary)


One of the main challenges of launching a managed recruitment team is the 'when' as it is generally a huge undertaking and requires a lot of education to be delivered across the business. So, a lot of our clients saw migrating recruitment as something too large to tackle... 

So, when we do get to this point, our most frequently asked question is: "Can you get started straight away?"

The answer is simple, YES... with a caveat.


The best part of our service implementation? There is no 'switch on' date, the transition is organic which means less disruption to your business and a solid base for success.


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Stage 1 - Discovery Stage

Stage 2 - Proposal Stage

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